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”Once you’ve been in space, you appreciate how fragile the Earth is” – Valentina Tereshkova

A/W19 Boru Aksu draws inspiration from the first woman to go into space.

Valentina Tereshkova beacme the first woman to fly in space in 1963. On June 1963, she spent almost three days in space and orbited Earth 48 times in her capsule. While TV viewers saw her smiling face and her logbook floating in front of her, they didn’t realize that the flight had almost turned into tragedy, a fact that remained classified fo r40 years. Tereshova went on to graduate from the Zhuykosky Air Force Engineering Academy in 1969 and earned a degree in Technical Science. She then toured the world promoting science and feminism. Valentina serves as a role model for all women throughout the world who wish to achieve their dreams.


In a collection dedicated to her, Bora Aksu creates garments that reflect Valentina’s space trip drawing on contrasts of her early life growing up in a small village.

The iridescent orgnza and tulle fabrics appear ethereal in texture, aiming to create garments that react to microgravity in a new and completely different way. Weightlessness is key. The combination of soft feminine fabrics and structured shapes add a resounding sense of romance to the strong, bold silhouettes. The astronaut manifests itself in coats , boxed jackets and puffer jackets.

Layering is used aas a tool to create interesting textures without adding heaviness. To create this layering effect. Bora designed very specific embroideries on velvets, tulles and lace.

Hand embroidered and knitted hed pieces are created by Liria Pristine.

Pearl Jewellery and avant – garde sunglasses are created by Halo and Co, inspired by the Space Age.

‘I believe a woman should always remain a woman and nothing feminine should be alien to her. At the same time, I strongly feel that no work done by a woman, can enter into conflict with her ancient wonderful mission’, to love, to be loved.” – Valentina Tereshkova 1970

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Presentation on day 5 of #lfw @ the textile museum in Bermondsey, south London. Always love visiting this space.

The collection is based aroud the ‘Golden Hour’, the time before sunset; the colours become warmer and the Zandra woman becomes even more empowered.

This season’s shapes draw inspiration from Victoriana – incorporating elegant pearl button cuffs and delicate waistlines. Flamenco style ruffles adorn the garments in true Zandra style. For AW19 looks are tired and extra frou frou.

The colour palette is an ode to dding warmth to the colder months. Sangrai and Straw earth tones partner with rich hues in chiffon and shimmer satin. The two piece os reintroduced into this collection for the versatile woman, taking power dressing to new heights as evening wear.

Basking in the glow of the sunset, the Zandra Rhodes woman is ready for anything day or night.











Fashion Hong Kong is a series of international promotional events organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to promote Hong Kong fashion designers and labels in the global fashion arena.

Since 2015, Fashion Hong Kong has actively participated in international fashion weeks and renowned events to showcase Hong Kong’s unique and diversified designs. AW19 labels include ; DORISKATH, HOUSE OF V, LOOM LOOP and YEUNG CHIN.

Held at The college (Old Central Saint Martins) designers include; Doris Kath Chan, Cynthia Mak, Polly Ho, Yeung Chin,










Gayeon Lee A/W2019 – LFW

Gayeon Lee – AW 2019 – London Fashion Week 

          Day One – @ Gayeon Lee

Loved everything about this presentation. So many elements that make this collection quirky and fun. Her passion for fine art and deep understanding of textile design is evident throughout. Revealing style inspiration for new possibilies in texture, shape and proportion.











Day 4 #lfw19

Paul Costelloe was my first show on Monday morning @ Simpsons on the strand. The show location is always at venue that echoes the theme of the show, elegant and inspirational.

This season for Autumn / Winter 2019 -20 , Paul Costelloe shows his mastery of tailoring. With striking, military inspired coats in pure Italian wool, they lead a collection full of rich colour, reminiscent of the Tsars and a homecoming from War, an escape from austerity and what is to come…

The military looks opened the show with striking coats, jackets styled with latex trousers, shorts and statement jewellery by NJO designs.   





Opulent, mill-engineered velvet, corduroy with lavish handle, in autumnal shades of gold and claret, add to an array of flower strewn day to evening pieces, including pencil skirts with over-sized Aran Knitwear, day dresses in subtle woven patterns and aristocratric inspired long, billowing gowns fit for a princess.


This season, Paul Costelloe Bags introduce a collection of substantial leather pieces, with a decidedly military feel, including crossovers, satchels and belt bags with brass detail bring this outstanding collection together.



         In times like these, belief is more relevant than ever before ….

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‘The Two of Us’ – @ morgantheagency













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As your Christmas Fairy God Shopper, im offering an opportunity to Shop with me!!!!!

If your looking to add some Festive Glamour to your wardrobe?? I’d be delighted to make it happen for you.

This is a one-to-one shopping experience where I create looks to transform your wardrobe! My expertise in the fields of Styling, Image Consulting and Fashion Buying, combined with my knowledge of international fashion, mean that you, the client, benefit from a uniquely tailored service. In Dublin I worked as a Personal Shopper for Harvey Nichols & Dundrum Centre.

As a Freelancer now I style for tv, film and magazines. So I’m always in the shops looking for the latest arrival. I will save your time searching for the perfect looks to get you through the festivities / hols/ xmas parties.

When you contact me to make an appointment for a day’s Personal Shopping we will have a chat where I will get some background information to assist me in preparing for our shopping expedition, for example lifestyle, fashion preferences, vital statistics etc. I will then set up a plan of action for the day because your time is precious and a well organised shopping trip will ensure maximum results. I can work within  your budget and deliver the most fantastic results!

At the end of the day you will have a new-found confidence in yourself and you will have acquired the tools to make the right fashion choices, plus the bonus of a wardrobe that works for you.

Rate- €75 p/h
I can also issue vouchers for gifts.

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Primark AW18 Christmas Press Day


Primark Christmas Press Day was held at a beautiful location on North Great Georges Street. An original Dublin Georgian Style Interior. It looked amazing dressed with christmas decorations from Primark’s Home and Fashion collections.

There was Gift Inspiration for Everyone…

The Stripey Christmas Jumper with a cute Pugg design is available in stores now!







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