ICEBERG since 1974 @Lfwm19 #ICEBERG1974

‘Going underground, going underground. Well, let the boys all sing and let the boys all shout for tomorrow.’


At the truman buildings on day 2 #lfwm. There is an air of positive rebellion at ICEBERG for SS20 where youth tribes and cuultures meet and combine in hyoer colour and monochrome. Where, in the imagination of James Long, the Punks of Kings Road hang out with the Sloanes and Hoorays of Knitghtsbridge and South Kensington Goths.

Kicking off with ICEBERG x PETER BLAKE who’s instantly recognisable riot of pop-art graphics cover shirt and trouser full looks, mini dresses and easy knits. His seminal Babe Rainbow and Amerika artworks(a technically intricate sweater of bird’s -eye intarsia, jacquard and embroidery) , hearts, rainbows and Mod target unify across clothes and accessories and are reflected in see -now-buy-now ICEBERG X Linda Farrow shades.

Colour blocked fluid maxi looks in satin, chiffon and crepes for her and Cupro wash -effect silk joggers and matching bomber in a soft turquoise for him. Name belts, vibram sole trainers, trouser legs, necks and ears are adorned and drip with chains: Le Goth Sportif

The high shine of a Mod ‘tonic’ suit morphs into silver zip jackets, Bermuda shorts, and bungee tied trousers. A tee shirt is bound tightly with the same intergral ropes. For the ICEBERG woman Tonal Punky Flower orchids climb over chic tailoring into fluro primaries on white. Worn with crisp shirts and a matching tie sheis the Mod in modern.

Some familiar faces spotted on frow @ICEBERG

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The special bond between siblings, celebration of brotherhood and sisterhood, and japanesetextiles. This is a spirit of the collection, which originated in historic iages of twins.

The starting point of the collection was historic images of sisters and brothers. The combination of masculine fabrics like corduroy with femiie lame woven jacquard and substainable fabrics, such as linen an recycled viscose, to communicate long – lasting attachment.

The collection presents an idea of a twin look, with double sided fabrics, indigo tweed, lilac woolen cotton blends houndstooth pattern, cotton blend and ivory linen jacquard. All the beading and trimmings are created with natural materials and processes, mainly jade and shell, cord used as straps and fastenings.

With each element, from floral tapestry and patchwork to traditional weaving used in top stitching, the designer cherishes tenacious relationships between siblings.








”Once you’ve been in space, you appreciate how fragile the Earth is” – Valentina Tereshkova

A/W19 Boru Aksu draws inspiration from the first woman to go into space.

Valentina Tereshkova beacme the first woman to fly in space in 1963. On June 1963, she spent almost three days in space and orbited Earth 48 times in her capsule. While TV viewers saw her smiling face and her logbook floating in front of her, they didn’t realize that the flight had almost turned into tragedy, a fact that remained classified fo r40 years. Tereshova went on to graduate from the Zhuykosky Air Force Engineering Academy in 1969 and earned a degree in Technical Science. She then toured the world promoting science and feminism. Valentina serves as a role model for all women throughout the world who wish to achieve their dreams.


In a collection dedicated to her, Bora Aksu creates garments that reflect Valentina’s space trip drawing on contrasts of her early life growing up in a small village.

The iridescent orgnza and tulle fabrics appear ethereal in texture, aiming to create garments that react to microgravity in a new and completely different way. Weightlessness is key. The combination of soft feminine fabrics and structured shapes add a resounding sense of romance to the strong, bold silhouettes. The astronaut manifests itself in coats , boxed jackets and puffer jackets.

Layering is used aas a tool to create interesting textures without adding heaviness. To create this layering effect. Bora designed very specific embroideries on velvets, tulles and lace.

Hand embroidered and knitted hed pieces are created by Liria Pristine.

Pearl Jewellery and avant – garde sunglasses are created by Halo and Co, inspired by the Space Age.

‘I believe a woman should always remain a woman and nothing feminine should be alien to her. At the same time, I strongly feel that no work done by a woman, can enter into conflict with her ancient wonderful mission’, to love, to be loved.” – Valentina Tereshkova 1970

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@Seymour Leisure Centre, London

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One of my favourite shows on the circuit. Pam combines rock’n’roll and fashion to a happy, sexy place.  Milatary, latex, sheer, and embellishemnt are throughout the collection.

If the model was not wearing a hat, it was  BIG hair to complete the look. Overall , show stopping looks with a soundtrack to raise everyone’s mood.

Spotted some usual suspects on front row including, Ellen Von Unwerth, Sascha Lilic, Hilary Alexander,






Gayeon Lee A/W2019 – LFW

Gayeon Lee – AW 2019 – London Fashion Week 

          Day One – @ Gayeon Lee

Loved everything about this presentation. So many elements that make this collection quirky and fun. Her passion for fine art and deep understanding of textile design is evident throughout. Revealing style inspiration for new possibilies in texture, shape and proportion.








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Cartier @ Weir & Sons Dublin

A glamourous, festive event celebrating the launch of Cartiers’s new collection @ Weir & Sons at their Grafton Street Store, Dublin.

Lots of in-store entertinment including Dublin’s Gospel Choir. Weirs Jewellers is one of the few remaining original stores in Dublin city centre.






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