Malan Breton AW19 – London Fashion Week

          ‘Cine Malan’ – Cinematic drama , based on the story of actress, Norma Desmond.

            The House Of Malan Breton, was a journey through a nostalgic world of 1920s characters. The atmosphere was incredible… moving from room to room observing incredible looks in leather , tulle, sequins, and  sharp tailoring.  


He takes on his own twist to the traditional trench with a megawatt metallic finish in gunmetal, contrasted with the soft piping of faux fur. Taiwanese embroidery techniques are deeply sewn and rooted into the seams as well his soul. Gowns intensely hand-sequined in rich reds and bold burgundies. Leather adorned in Swarovski crystals and Japanese fresh water dying are a few of the masterful techniques used to create the luxuries of this collection.

Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter, Keira Chaplin was part of the cast for the presentation. Wearing an Incredible red tulle gown. 

Malan ;“What if we could know the stories of the mad man, the other side of life as told by victims, what if we could know the pain, the suffering, the loss and abandon that bring the antagonists to madness. What if in this exploration of psyche we learn that the evil, the unkind were once pure. What if we knew their joys, and could save them before their last moments.