Haizhen Wang AW17



Haizhen Wang aw17 presentation ‘ In Transit’, was held in a stunning church in the west end. Haizhen explores the notions of movement and direction. With emphasis on the theme of immigration and problems that currently exist around the world. Slogan badges were visable on some looks, ‘fragile’, ‘handle with care’, ‘priority’, and ‘air eligible’. Models moved in intermissions through the set, boxes and boxes covered in cling film ready to go!

The signature tailored collection was comprised of uniforms that would in essence help those who must emmigrate. Fabrics and texture of wool, jaquards and devore. Other key pieces long belts and corsetry reinforced the notion of travel, luggage. Silhouettes are slouchy and slightly oversized which further highlights areas that have been tied with belts. Colours consisted of deep blues, red, black, ochre, and khaki.
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